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Bearded dragons are docile and friendly, but there are some that can be aggressive and resist handling which need to be restrained and tamed.

There are methods and techniques in restraining a bearded dragon. If the dragons are calmer, if you handle them frequently they will be tamed eventually.

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The major food for bearded dragons as diet are live insects, typically ranges from crickets, mealworms, waxworms, superworms and other insects; as crickets being one of the commonly available source of food for them. They like live insects.

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Feeding bearded dragon the right way is important to make sure that your pet dragon is healthy.

A lot of health issues can be prevented by providing the proper diet for them. For this reason, understand the diet for them in the wild is vital. In nature, they are omnivores and eat variety of food such as crickets and vegetables. In captivity, the range of food should be wide to meet the nutritional requirements required by the animal.