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Bearded Dragon CageGreat bearded dragon housing is important for this pet as this is where they spend most of their time. A appropriate cage setup will make sure that your pet lizard comfortable all time.

There many housing options that you can use for your bearded dragon, including commercial available reptile cage, tank and aquarium or you may build your own bearded dragon cage based on your imagination, effort, and budget. If you are building one, please make sure that your bearded dragon cage plans is meeting the basic requirements for the lizard.

Many tank decor supplies can be used for better look, including the design that is matching the natural habitat of bearded dragons. I’ll share with you how to do that. I’ve included a complete guide on necessary vivarium decors and supplies that make your bearded dragon happy. There are several information you may need to know for habitat and cage setup.

The basic of bearded dragon cage requirements.
A most basic yet important guideline for setting up or selecting a suitable home for your pets.

Pet bearded dragon cage options.
A list of common reptile and lizard cage options that you can use as the pet vivarium.

Factors to consider for bearded dragon home.
Several decisive criterions for your considerations when choosing a bearded dragon cage.

Decor supply options for your reptile vivarium.
The decors that can be used to for the pet’s home sweet home.

Decorations tips for bearded dragon home.
How to decorate good-looking home for your favorite berdie vivarium.

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