Bearded dragon is a unique reptile that is very suitable to adopt as pet. By understanding this animal in the wild and its origin, it is beneficial as a pet owner. After knowing its background, taking care of bearded dragons is much easier as vivarium habitat may be easily mimicked as close as possible to the natural environment. If you knowing your bearded dragon’s behavior, you are better in handling this pet. These are several tips about bearded dragon that I would like to share with you.

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The unique behaviors of bearded dragons make them one of the special animal and pet that many people love. It doesn’t matter if it is lively captured in wild or bred in captivity, you may see different types of behaviors you can observe from them. These are common bearded dragon behaviors that you may see most of the time.

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In the wild, bearded dragons are found in the rugged outback of Australia. They can be easily found almost everywhere in Australia; however there are different species of bearded dragons scattering all over the different parts of the Australian continent.

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Bearded dragon is getting popular in pet community because they are very common and available at many places. These reptile pets are docile and friendly reptile pets; easy to handle and play with once they are familiar with the owner. If the owners are spending much of the time with them, they will be quite close to owners. As clarified by most of the pet owners, they are saying that their bearded dragons are quite attached to them.

Baby bearded dragons are cute and have high market demands. Many are trying to buy a baby dragon as their first pet. Hatchling is hardly found as the breeders seldom put the little pet up on sales as caring for them is quite difficult. They search here and there for a baby bearded dragon that is for sales. There is nothing wrong when purchasing the hatchling, but you need to have at least certain knowledge in taking care of them.

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Selecting a good bearded dragon is not difficult. In the ideal case, the bearded dragon we purchase from the pet store, breeders, or internet should be happy and healthy when ready to bring it home. But it is not the case in most of the time. There are certain criteria you need to check on the new pet if you are trying to buy one. Once the pet dragon can meet these signs, then it would be a great pet reptile.

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There are always many opinions around on where to buy a most beautiful and healthiest bearded dragon. There are good and bad places around, but you need to carefully evaluate the pet store and bearded dragon before buying.

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